Greg Verdine

Greg Verdine

Company: LifeMine Therapeutics

Job title: President & CEO


Panel Discussion: Reviewing the Toxicity Concerns with Multi-Inhibitors & Strategies to Pre-Emptively Address Them 11:15 am

PAN-RAS inhibitors are known to be mutations and often isofrom agnostic. Due to their unique mechanisms of action, they often target wild-type RAS as well, resulting in normal cell toxicity. Preemptively dealing with these foreseen negative effects is important to ensure that PAN-inhibitors and multi-inhibitors can reach their full potential as personalized cancer treatments. Reviewing…Read more

day: Day Two Track B AM

Drugging RAS: Elucidating Three Different Mechanisms of Action to Target RAS for Effective Anti-Cancer Therapy 12:00 pm

Reviewing Warp Drive Bio’s discovery platform and how the RAS drugs it discovered are combatting cancer today Elucidating how LifeMine’s platform is algorithmically discovering GEMs in the genomic space to provide a novel strategy against RAS Utilizing alpha helices to develop Helicon™ polypeptides that can exhibit multi-RAS inhibitionRead more

day: Day One Track A AM

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