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The RAS Series of Events is the Largest Global Community of Thought Leaders & Experts in Oncology, Cancer Therapeutics & Clinical Development

In September 2021, the community came together for the largest summit in the RAS series to date, as we returned to provide this community with a comprehensive roadmap to all things RAS. After decades of R&D efforts into targeted KRAS therapies, the landscape of RAS drugs now exists with an approved KRAS G12C therapy with the patient, we brought to you an all-inclusive program addressing emerging strategies to target all RAS mutations, robust and effective combination strategies and shining a spotlight onto optimized clinical translation and clinical trials in progress.

Key Sessions Not to Miss

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Reviewing the Landscape of Successfully Targeting KRAS

As the first ever FDA approved G12C inhibitor against KRAS mutations is now with the patient, we explored the successes, challenges and future directions of this promising therapeutic approach with insights from Amgen, Mirati & Boehringer Ingelheim

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Deep Dive into KRAS Degradation

With successes in G12C inhibition, this industry is exploring novel therapeutic interventions beyond G12C inhibition and we took a closer look at the successes of PROTAC’s for successful degradation of RAS proteins, with insights from Institute of Cancer Research London & Progenra

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Exploring the Landscape of Robust Combinations

In addition to successes with G12C inhibition, combination therapies are demonstrating consistent positive data and setting a promising future for overcoming KRAS drug resistance. We discussed the successful combinations and various targets for selection, with insights from Amgen, Mirati & Boehringer Ingelheim Revolution Medicine & Genentech

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Discussing Vertical Pathway Inhibition for Optimal Anti-RAS Effects

As RAS effector proteins provide an array of combinatorial targets for therapeutic intervention against RAS driven cancers, and MEK and Raf1 demonstrating promising data, we explored the landscape of successful vertical pathway inhibition with insights from Verastem Oncology & MEI Pharma

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Exclusive Updates to Clinical Trials

The RAS community continues to strive for success, and we are seeing consistent positive patient data from clinical trials. We will provide a platform for critical data updates and insights into successful clinical trials, with insights from Onconova & Revolution Medicine

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Patient & Clinical Perspectives to Anti-RAS Drugs

With anti-RAS therapies now with the patient, it is more important than ever we consider patient treatment, the importance of biomarkers and clinical responses to anti-RAS drugs, as we heard from top clinicians from MD Anderson & Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center