Panel Discussion: Reviewing the Toxicity Concerns with Multi-Inhibitors & Strategies to Pre-Emptively Address Them

Time: 11:15 am
day: Day Two Track B AM


  • PAN-RAS inhibitors are known to be mutations and often isofrom agnostic. Due to their unique mechanisms of action, they often target wild-type RAS as well, resulting in normal cell toxicity. Preemptively dealing with these foreseen negative effects is important to ensure that PAN-inhibitors and multi-inhibitors can reach their full potential as personalized cancer treatments.
  • Reviewing the PAN-RAS inhibitors in currently in development to determine their expected toxicity levels
  • Differentiating the expected toxicity concerns based on mechanisms of action to address the unique issues for each modality
  • Developing strategies to deal with expected toxicity levels to increase therapeutic index