Klaus Hoeflich

Klaus Hoeflich

Company: Nested Therapeutics

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


NST-628 is a Potent, Fully Brain-Penetrant, Best-in-Class MAPK Pathway Molecular Glue that Inhibits RAS- and RAF-Driven Cancers 1:30 pm

NST-628 overcomes the limitations of traditional RAS-MAPK pathway inhibitors by stabilizing all RAF-MEK complexes in a conformation that sequesters these nodes from dynamic signaling processes that promote RAF-mediated bypass signaling. Analysis of endogenous ternary complexes demonstrates that NST-628 prevents RAF paralog heterodimerization and completely inhibits MEK, ERK, and RSK phosphorylation in RAS-driven cells. NST-628 has…Read more

day: Day One Track A PM

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