Assessing Biomarkers & Genomic Data to Inform Patient Selection & Stratification in Clinical Trials

Time: 12:01 pm
day: Workshop E


As with any trial, understanding patient profiles to create classification and stratification criteria

is extremely important for successful clinical design. Even more so, for RAS, pre-empting patient

reactions to drugs, possible resistance mechanisms, and then accurately assessing the drug’s

activity in each patient, is essential. Biomarkers and genomic data are some of the most reliable

tools to achieve this.

This workshop will:

  • Showcase how biomarkers and genomic data can be assessed to reliably predict patient response and resistance
  • Apply insights from biomarker and genomic analysis to select, classify and stratify patients
  • Compile the most important biomarkers to conduct effective PK/PD during clinical trials for accurately measuring patient response