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Advancing the Development, from Research to Market, of Effective Therapies for RAS-Mutant Cancers Ranging from G12C to Q61 Modalities to Attain Targeted Drugs for Patients in Need

5th Annual RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit

Personalizing Medicine Via Targeting Oncogenic RAS for Cancer

With the approval of the second-ever KRAS G12C inhibitor, the field can once again celebrate irrevocable proof that RAS is druggable! However, with so many KRAS G12C drugs in clinic, the field is now turning its eyes to the next generation of RAS therapies, specifically those that can target more mutations, more RAS isoforms, and more indications.

And so, the 5th RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit arrived as the only industry-dedicated, end-to-end forum that accelerated the best-in-class RAS therapies from conception through to commercialization.

150+ key leaders united in biopharma and academia in Boston this September, and tackled emerging resistance mechanisms, assessed promising combination approaches and explored novel RAS therapies.

45+ expert speakers delivered 3 jam-packed days of data-driven presentations, interactive workshops, and panel discussions. This event delivered the hottest clinical updates, better target non-G12C mutations, validated novel targets in the RAS pathway, and experienced the next generation of RAS-targeted drugs.

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Hear What Our Past Attendees Have to Say:

“The summit provides an unparalleled platform to discuss the latest breakthroughs in RAS research and clinical development, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to stay up-to-date on this critical area of oncology ”

- Lifecyle Leader, KRAS, Roche

"This conference is an exciting and unique opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in RAS research and clinical developments”

- Director, Clinical Biomarkers & Diagnostics, Amgen

The 5th RAS Targeted DD Summit brings experts from both academia and industry together to exchange learnings and further brainstorm on how to tackle this important oncogene - Saskia Brachmann, Associate Director &
Senior Global Project Lead, Novartis

- Saskia Brachmann, Associate Director & Senior Global Project Lead, Novartis

"The 5th RAS Targeted DD Summit is an extraordinary event to strengthen a trusted network of experts in the field of RAS both from academia and industry”

- Chiara Ambrogio, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, University of Torino

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