3rd Annual RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit 2021
A Comprehensive Roadmap to Developing Next Generation RAS Targeted Therapies 

As 2021 marks a major milestone for RAS therapeutics, with the first ever KRAS targeted therapy receiving FDA approval, the once undruggable RAS family of proteins is no longer impossible to crack. With this significant industry shift, this community will no doubt continue going from strength to strength and the future looks bright for future development of RAS targeted therapies that safely, effectively, and selectively drug all RAS driven cancers beyond those caused by G12C mutation. There has been no better time to unite the leaders of the field to discuss, connect and network with your biopharma and academic peers at the largest and leading global RAS forum.

With the FDA granting breakthrough designation to Mirati Therapeutic’s Adagrasib in NSCLC patients with the KRAS-G12C mutation, , we were delighted to bring to you exclusive in-depth insight from the leaders of the field as executives from Amgen & Mirati Therapeutics shared their data-driven successes, updates, challenges and future RAS directed strategies

Uniting the largest community of thought leaders and experts in Oncology, Cancer Therapeutics and Clinical Development, September was the definitive and comprehensive roadmap to discuss robust monotherapies or combination strategies capable of specifically targeting different RAS-mutant cancer cells with less toxicity to enhance the impact of RAS therapies against all RAS driven cancers beyond lung. 

As we incorporated tracks taking a deep dive into accelerating emerging modalities, validating robust combination strategies and advancing clinical development, the community joined to gain extensive strategic and scientific information to support development of safe and effective next generation RAS targeted therapies.

What We Saw in 2021

RAS 2021 Key Stats

5 Top Themes in 2021

  • First-hand access to presentations led by true industry pioneers - gain access to exclusive industry insights, data updates and expertise sharing from senior executives from Amgen, Mirati, Boehringer Ingelheim, Genentech, Novartis, Onconova Therapeutics, Revolution Medicines and 65+ others
  • Countless opportunities to connect and network with over 250 of your biopharma and academic peers. Join our dedicated biopharma partnering session where you can showcase your own expertise and make lasting connections to contribute to your RAS drug development pipelines
  • Remain up to date with latest data and innovative science. Join our Clinical Trials in Progress Session where you will find out what leading companies are expecting for their 2021 pipelines
  • Hear from the pioneering clinicians and oncologists working first-hand with patients. Join our dedicated Clinician Hour Session where leading oncologists will share their experience and expertise treating patients harbouring the KRAS G12C mutation
  • 6 deep-dive workshop sessions led by true pioneers of the field - in a community where partnerships remain extremely valuable, there is endless value in more informal, interactive and engaging sessions where you can learn amongst your peers

A Snapshot of our 2021 70+ Expert Speaker Faculty

David Hong

Professor, Deputy Chair of the Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Gregory Friberg

Vice President Global Development & Oncology Therapeutic Area Head


Marco Hofmann

Scientific Director & Group Leader

Boehringer Ingelheim

Susan Yang

Adagrasib Medical Lead

Mirati Therapeutics

A Snapshot of 2021 Attendees

Companies attending - RAS

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