This Meeting Will Now Run Digitally!

We're working to update the online agenda which will be available soon, but please get in touch if you're interested in joining this digital meeting.

Join us for the first Digital 2nd RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit!
Finally Bringing an End to RAS Driven Cancers

Despite global uncertainty, we remain committed to uniting this dedicated community and streamlining progression of RAS targeted therapeutics – and so we are excited to transform the 2nd RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit into a fully digital event.

Explore Novel Discoveries, Identify Rational Anti-RAS Combination Strategies & Accelerate the Translation of Next Generation Mutant-Targeted RAS Therapies into Human Clinical Trials

As the first KRAS inhibitors reach the clinic and show promising opportunities to address unmet clinical need, the 2nd RAS- Targeted Drug Development Summit 2020 returns to drive forward the clinical translation of first-generation anti-RAS therapies

The two-track 2nd RAS- Targeted Drug Development Summit 2020 will be your comprehensive and definitive platform, dedicated to virtually uniting the largest community of RAS experts from large pharma, innovative biotech and research institutes to capitalize on the emerging therapeutic opportunities to finally bring an end to RAS driven cancers

What You Can Expect at this Digital Summit:

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