Join the 6th Annual RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit to Guarantee the Clinical Validation of Valuable RAS-Targeted Medicines

Download the full event guide to examine the technical and strategical developments in the discovery, validation and clinical progression of single agent and combination therapies shaking-up the precision oncology landscape. Along with the development of next generation inhibitors, explore the development of novel RAS-targeting PROTACs, molecular glues, cell therapies and vaccines boasting improved depth and durability of response as they seek for best-in-class.

Download your own copy of the brochure here to see the full 3-day program of unrivalled content.

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What you can expect...

200+ Biopharma and Academic KOL Attendees

38+ Expert Speakers on the Frontline of RAS-targeting

9+ Hours of Dedicated Networking

6 Revamped Pre-Conference Workshops

25+ Data Driven Presentations

40% Brand New Companies Joining the Speaker Faculty