Digital Event Guide

Access the latest 3-day event guide for the Virtual 2nd RAS - Targeted Drug Development Summit 2020

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Despite exciting efforts, RAS targeted therapies have not yet reached the patient. It is more important than ever that we unite and continue this discussion to accelerate RAS targeted drug discovery, development and to ensure successful clinical candidates.

This is your chance to gain need-to-know updates and exciting insights from pioneers of the dedicated RAS community!

Ensure you can enhance your solid tumor validation, improve translation and predictability, and optimize your immune-oncology target to ensure a smooth development process for a quality, safe and effective anti-cancer drug.

Download the Event Guide to discover:

  • How to leverage classical internal structural biology of RAS mutations in order to produce effective and clinically viable therapies 
  • How to effectively evaluate the mechanisms of action and resistance of RAS targets to accelerate target validation and clinical translation
  • How to Adopt novel techniques to successfully target therapeutic vulnerabilities in RAS-driven cancers