Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Company: Bristol Myers Squibb

Job title: Senior Scientist


NS1 Monobody Targeting the α4-α5 Allosteric Interface of RAS Inhibits Tumorigenesis In Vivo 4:30 pm

NS1 Monobody binds to dimer interface of RAS NS1 blocks RAS self-association that in turn impairs BRAF/CRAF heterodimerization The intrinsic cell inhibition of mutant KRAS changes the phenotype of otherwise immunologically cold PDAC tumors by increasing infiltration of T cellsRead more

day: Day One Track G

Roundtable Session – Successes in Modalities Beyond Small Molecules 3:00 pm

As this community continues progress targeting RAS mutants harnessing novel modalities, this session will lead the discussion into existing literature, data and ongoing challenges with RAS-mutant drugs leveraging novel degradation strategies, immune therapies and molecular glue approachesRead more

day: Day One Track D

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