The Novel, Next-Generation Class I-Selective HDAC Inhibitor OKI-179 shows Chemical Synthetic Lethality & Induces Regressions in combination with RAS-Pathway Inhibitors in Multiple RAS-Pathway-Mutated Cancers

Time: 10:30 am
day: Day Two


  • The Class I-targeting HDAC inhibitor OKI-179 shows a chemical-synthetic lethality with RAS Pathway inhibitors, inducing cell killing in RAS-pathway-mutated cells as a result of inducing unrepaired dsDNA breaks
  • OKI-179 combined with a RAS pathway inhibitor induces regressions in vivo, when the single-agent drugs alone are not effective, including tumour types with currently un-targetable RAS pathway mutations
  • Synergy is observed across multiple RAS-pathway mutations and multiple tumour types, suggesting that HDAC inhibition may be broadly applied as a backbone therapy across RAS Pathway-mutated cancers