Targeting KRAS Mutant Solid Tumors with Novel SOS1 Bifunctional Degraders

Time: 12:30 pm
day: Day Two Track A


  • Using our PRODEGY platform, we have designed bifunctional degraders of SOS1 – the guanine exchange factor catalysing the exchange of GDP to GTP in KRAS – as a mutation agnostic strategy to target KRAS mutant solid tumors
  • BioTheryX’s novel SOS1 bifunctional degraders rapidly and potently degrade SOS1 in a Cereblon mediated proteasomal event
  • As a function of SOS1 degradation, these small molecule bifunctional degraders also potently inhibit cell viability of a range of mutant KRAS tumor cell lines including those harboring G12V, G12C and G13D mutations, thereby emerging as a potential first-in-class therapy for cancer patients