Membrane Composition & RAF [CRD]-Membrane Attachment are Driving Forces for KRAS4B Dimer Stability

Time: 2:30 pm
day: Day Two Track D


  • We performed all-atom molecular dynamics simulations of the KRAS4BGTP wild-type homodimer in the presence and absence of Raf [RBD/CRD] effectors on two model anionic lipid membranes
  • The stability of the KRAS4B homodimer is enhanced on the membrane containing a high concentration of anionic lipids in the absence of Raf effectors
  • This enhanced stability is also observed in the presence of Raf [RBD/CRD] effectors although it is not influenced by the concentration of anionic lipids in the membrane, but rather on the ability of Raf [CRD] to anchor to the membrane