RMC-9805, a First-in-Class, Mutant-Selective Covalent and Orally Bioavailable KRASG12D(ON) Inhibitor that Induces Apoptosis and Drives Tumor Regression in Preclinical Models of KRASG12D Cancers

Time: 2:00 pm
day: Day One Track B PM


  • RMC-9805 is a first-in-class, orally bioavailable, and mutant-selective covalent inhibitor of the GTP-bound and active RAS(ON) form of KRASG12D, and drove durable regressions in preclinical KRASG12D cancer models across indications.
  • RMC-9805 is a CNS-penetrant inhibitor and demonstrated significant anti-tumor activity in both orthotopic and intracranial xenograft models of human KRASG12D cancers.
  • RMC-9805 promotes cancer-associated neoantigen recognition and synergizes with immunotherapy in KRASG12D preclinical models.
  • RMC-9805 in combination with SOC or other RAS companion inhibitors further improves bothBdepth and durability of response compared to single agents.