From Conception to Accessible: Making Strategic Decisions About the Development, Adoption & Promotion of RAS-Targeted Therapies

Time: 3:01 pm
day: Workshop F


With two approved therapies (Sotorasib and Adagrasib), the field has certainly achieved the

monumental task of validating RAS as a “druggable” target. However, the landscape of RAS drugs

stretches from conception to phase 3 clinical trials. Making the right decisions to develop your

drug before approval, and then make it accessible to patients after approval can be a complicated

process, and so requires a collaborative push from many organizations and stakeholders to

achieve this. Hence, it is vital to bring together a panel of key experts together to discuss how a

RAS-targeted therapy can be strategically developed to get better drugs to patients faster.

This workshop will utilize the expertise of large pharma speakers to:

  • Review the RAS landscape including trends, challenges, and opportunities to give you the best starting point for your RAS pipeline
  • Elucidate approaches to accelerate early and pre-clinical drug development in order to reach the clinic faster
  • Evaluate market strategies to ensure proper reimbursement, easy patient access and effective promotion of RAS drugs