Initial Monotherapy Results of a Phase 1 First‑in‑Human Study of ULK1/2 Inhibitor DCC‑3116 Alone & In Combination with MAPK Pathway Inhibition

Time: 3:00 pm
day: Day Two Track E


  • Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway inhibition activates Unc-51–like autophagy activated kinase (ULK) 1/2 and initiates autophagy to promote survival of RAS/RAF mutant cancers
  • The first-in-class ULK1/2 inhibitor DCC-3116 is being evaluated in a phase 1, multicenter, open-label, first in-human study alone and in combination with MAPK pathway inhibition in patients with MAPK pathway mutant locally advanced or metastatic solid cancers
  • Data from the ongoing monotherapy dose escalation will be presented