Development of a Selective, Affinity-Enhanced T-Cell Receptor Bispecific Targeting KRASG12D Neoantigen Driven Cancers

Time: 5:00 pm
day: Day One Track H


  • CD3xTCR bispecific proteins (bsp) redirect polyclonal T cells to target intracellular proteins in cancer; TCR bsp offer an attractive opportunity to target KRAS G12D neoantigen peptides presented by cell surface human leukocyte antigen
  • We successfully engineered an off the shelf, soluble CD3xTCR bispecific molecule, IMC-KRAS G12D, that recognises a common shared KRAS G12D neoantigen peptide presented in the context of HLA A*11:01. IMCKRAS G12D incorporates a TCR engineered with strong affinity, increased by over one million fold yet with remarkable ability to distinguish between KRAS G12D and KRAS WT