Conveying how Tipifarnib Suppresses KRAS G12C Inhibitor-Induced mTOR Reactivation Leading to Superior Antitumor Activity of the Combination

Time: 2:15 pm
day: Day Two Track B PM


  • Elucidating phase1/2 data for Tipifarnib, a potent, selective inhibitor of farnesyl transferase with alpelisib, a PIK3C alpha inhibitor as a potential therapy for patients with HRAS-overexpressing
  • metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (The KURRENT-HN Trial)
  • Showcasing how Tipifarnib is a farnesyl transferase inhibitor that blocks compensatory feedback reactivation through inhibition of adaptive mTOR signaling
  • Examining how a combination of tipifarnib with KRASG12C inhibitors drives tumor regression in innately resistant KRAS G12C NSCLC CDX and PDX models