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Biodesix® is an experienced partner in the field of blood-based molecular diagnostic testing. Our comprehensive diagnostic testing capabilities help our partners decipher the complexity of cancer by interpreting genomic and proteomic information from both tumor biology and the patient’s immune response. Biodesix enables our partners throughout the discovery, development and commercialization of personalized diagnostics to support new therapies with companion diagnostic strategies.



Program Partner

We share your passion for science. Promega is a world leader in providing innovative solutions in the life sciences. We develop bioluminescent technologies that deliver more biologically-relevant data for small and large molecule drug discovery. Learn how our biochemical and cell-based assays are used to target the RAS signaling pathway, kinases, protein degradation, inflammasome, and many other hot targets.



Program Partner 

Tempus is making precision medicine a reality through the power and promise of data and artificial intelligence. Tempus offers companion diagnostic development across our portfolio of assays, leveraging a broad-panel, universal platform used by thousands of oncologists globally. These assays can each incorporate multiple companion diagnostic markers, providing value across biopharma portfolios.


Applied BioMath

Program Partner

Applied BioMath applies biosimulation, including quantitative systems pharmacology, PKPD, bioinformatics, machine learning, clinical pharmacology, and software solutions to provide quantitative and predictive guidance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to help accelerate and de-risk therapeutic research and development. Their approach employs proprietary algorithms and software to support groups worldwide in decision-making from early research through all phases of clinical trials.



Innovation Partner

resistanceBio is a target and drug discovery platform company focused on identifying novel therapies that overcome treatment-resistant cancer and enable personalized precision medicine.

Platform:  We’ve developed an in vitro and ex vivo cancer evolution model (the ResCu system®) that maps the cancer resistome by mimicking natural tumor response to treatment. ResCu and patient data combine to create our cancer resistome database. ResCu allows us to exploit novel cancer and immuno-oncology targets through deep learning and biological validation for better therapeutic outcomes for patients.


Climb - Rockstep Solutions

Innovation Partner

Climb is a SaaS collaboration suite for managing in vivo laboratory research operations and data.

Climb manages your data, study design, protocols, regulatory compliance, animal husbandry, and sample collection all in one place. Species-agnostic and adaptable to any research area, Climb provides a scalable, complete solution that addresses the entire spectrum of challenges in one integrated package. Take control of your research- getting more science done and the right drugs to market faster with Climb!


BPS Bioscience

Exhibition Partner 

BPS Bioscience’s purpose is to advance new scientific discoveries that lead to therapies by creating innovative solutions for research. Our focus areas are immunotherapy, epigenetics, coronavirus, CRISPR, cell signaling, and others, providing 4000+ high-quality recombinant cell lines, lentiviruses, proteins, and biochemical and cell-based assays. As a primary manufacturer, we can supply products in large-scale bulk quantities, as well as contract and custom manufacturing. We also offer biochemical and cell-based screening services using our in-house developed assays.



Exhibition Partner 

Nanome is changing how we understand, design, and interact with science. Nanome’s immersive virtual workspaces allow users to visualize, modify, and simulate chemical compounds, proteins, and nucleic acids to help improve the Drug Discovery process. Our virtual reality platform facilitates communication of structural data in drug discovery which has proved beneficial to pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe. This is especially helpful for organizations that are interested in improving their cross-site collaboration.


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Reaction Biology 

Exhibition Partner 

Reaction Biology is a trusted research partner for scientists worldwide, supporting all stages of their preclinical drug discovery. To support the discovery of new RAS-targeting therapeutics, our experts have developed a comprehensive and versatile RAS assay services suite. Our robust RAS assay suite includes biophysical assays, target engagement assays using NanoBRET technology, biochemical assays, cell line derived models, and recombinant proteins for assessing novel RAS inhibitors both in vitro and in vivo. From our labs in USA and Germany, our Ph.D. scientists provide collaborative support, quality data, and outstanding communication throughout the project to ensure a superior study result. Reaction Biology supports research projects for scientists around the globe as an integrated partner, and we would be delighted to support your research project too. Let’s discover together.