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We share your passion for science. Promega is committed to excellence in developing a broad suite of technologies for oncology. Learn how NanoBRET Target Engagement technology is being used to: target histone deacetylases, bromodomains, kinases, E3 ligases, and GPCRs; perform quantitative determinations of test compound affinity; monitor ligand occupancy in live cells, in real-time; and adapted for use in broad-spectrum profiling to evaluate the live-cell selectivity for test compounds. Let’s collaborate.

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Biodesix® is an experienced partner in the field of blood-based molecular diagnostic testing. Our comprehensive diagnostic testing capabilities help our partners decipher the complexity of cancer by interpreting genomic and proteomic information from both tumor biology and the patient’s immune response. Biodesix enables our partners throughout the discovery, development and commercialization of personalized diagnostics to support new therapies with companion diagnostic strategies.



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Nanome is changing how we understand, design, and interact with science. Nanome’s immersive virtual workspaces allow users to visualize, modify, and simulate chemical compounds, proteins, and nucleic acids to help improve the Drug Discovery process. Our virtual reality platform facilitates effective communication of structural data in drug discovery which has proved beneficial to several pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe. This is especially helpful for organizations that are interested in improving their cross-site collaboration.